Roe Shadow was a very challenging and exciting project from inception to delivery. It is not every day that our project managers get to customise a yacht that serves as a playground and storage for all the various water toys and sports equipment.

The Roe Shadow Project Management Story

This project was all about creating space within the boundaries of a well-developed hull design. The original specification included a room for two guests, but the owner decided to allow for more space for sports equipment. Roe Shadow is an excellent example of how an owner’s vision can radically transform the interior and personalise the yacht.

The shipyard fully embraced the owner’s philosophy and was able to integrate all our requests and suggestions. The whole process was a constructive experience where our surveyors worked side by side with the shipyard to contribute to successful delivery.

After delivery of the yacht, we finished the last phase of Roe Shadow’s project management by supporting the captain and crew, ensuring a smooth handover.

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