SY Karibu

ACP Surveyors is delighted to share our experience with the pre-purchase survey of SY Karibu, an Oyster Marine 885, a vessel that epitomizes the blend of luxury sailing with robust performance.

SY Karibu Pre Purchase

Our team, known for its unparalleled expertise in the yachting industry, conducted an exhaustive inspection of Karibu, ensuring a detailed evaluation of her sailing systems, hull integrity, and the sophisticated craftsmanship of her interiors. Utilizing advanced surveying techniques, we closely examined the vessel’s state-of-the-art navigation equipment, safety features, and overall seaworthiness. Our comprehensive approach also extended to assessing the yacht’s luxurious amenities and living spaces, ensuring they meet the high standards expected of a yacht of this calibre. The insights garnered were compiled into a detailed report, providing the prospective buyer with a transparent overview of Karibu’s condition, including any recommendations for maintenance or upgrades. This survey underscores ACP Surveyors’ commitment to facilitating informed investment decisions, reinforcing our reputation as trusted advisors in the purchase of high-end sailing yachts.

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