Jangada II

ACP Surveyor is delighted to highlight our involvement in the project management of Jangada II, a bespoke Van Der Valk 32m yacht that sets new standards in luxury maritime craftsmanship.

New Build Management of a Van der Valk 32m

As a pinnacle of custom yacht construction, Jangada II embodies the meticulous attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection that ACP Surveyor brings to every project. This collaboration with Van Der Valk, a shipyard renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation, allowed us to oversee a build process that seamlessly blended advanced engineering with exquisite design elements tailored to the owner’s preferences. The 32m yacht, known for its spacious interiors, exceptional seaworthiness, and cutting-edge amenities, provided an ideal platform for ACP Surveyor to showcase our ability to manage and execute sophisticated yacht construction projects. From initial design consultations to the final launch, our team ensured that every stage of Jangada II’s creation adhered to the highest standards of excellence, resulting in a vessel that is not only a marvel of engineering but also a true reflection of the unique vision and lifestyle of its owner.

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