ACP Surveyors is proud to showcase our expertise through the comprehensive pre-purchase survey of Sosa, an illustrious Sanlorenzo 37m yacht, highlighting our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of precision and integrity in the yacht surveying industry.

Sosa Pre Purchase Survey

Our thorough examination of Sosa was meticulously planned and executed to cover every aspect of this majestic vessel, from its structural integrity and mechanical systems to its luxurious interiors and state-of-the-art navigation equipment. Leveraging our extensive experience with yachts of this caliber, our team employed advanced diagnostic techniques to ensure a detailed assessment, providing our client with a transparent and insightful overview of the yacht’s condition. The survey aimed not only to identify any immediate concerns but also to anticipate potential future maintenance needs, ensuring the prospective buyer could make an informed and confident decision. The successful completion of Sosa’s pre-purchase survey exemplifies ACP Surveyors’ dedication to excellence, offering peace of mind to our clients and ensuring the longevity and performance of their valuable maritime investments.

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