ACP Surveyor proudly highlights our detailed yacht survey of Anima, a Wally 58, underscoring our proficiency and thoroughness in the evaluation of high-performance yachts.

Wally 58 Survey

The Wally 58, celebrated for its innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional cruising capabilities, offered an ideal subject for our specialized survey techniques. Our team meticulously examined Anima’s structural integrity, advanced composite materials, and the integration of its state-of-the-art systems to ensure optimal performance and safety. This comprehensive survey covered everything from the yacht’s hull and engine to its luxurious interiors and onboard systems, confirming that Anima meets the stringent standards expected by discerning owners and enthusiasts. Our work on Anima exemplifies ACP Surveyor’s dedication to maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability in the yachting industry, providing owners with the confidence that their vessel is not only a marvel of modern yacht design but also a secure, seaworthy craft ready for any adventure.

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