T/T Lily

The owner of the superyacht Lily trusted the team at ACP to survey the tender prior to purchasing the vessel, providing the same level of expertise as our experts do on superyachts.

Castoldi 7m

The Jet Tender can travel at over 30 knots in rough offshore waters and shallow waters while remaining stable and dry. They are able to land on the beach and swiftly traverse sand and mud banks. Jet Tenders have no exposed rotating parts or protrusions under the keel, making them safe for people in the water or on board and allowing them to cruise safely at night.
Manoeuvrability is excellent. Jet Tenders can use maximum power (and, consequently, maximum thrust) even at low speeds, allowing them to manoeuvre better and faster than conventionally propelled boats in confined spaces. To avoid impacts and collisions, they are capable of turning on their own axes and stopping within a space 1.5 to 2 times their length.

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