Thermal Imaging Surveys For Yachts

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology that allows our surveyors to detect problems that are hard to identify using traditional surveying tools and equipment or are otherwise imperceptible. By using cutting-edge surveying tools, your surveyor can detect electrical breakers faulty, electrical wires loose, electrical system overheating and gas emission.

Opting for a thermal imaging survey allows the surveyor to detect issues by using minimally invasive techniques.

Our philosophy

Our company combines expert technical knowledge with an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs. Our approach is based on an uncompromising sense of ethics, the highest standards of quality and the use of cutting-edge technology.

Our work

We assist Owners, buyers, yacht brokers, attorneys, insurance companies and shipyards offering our expertise in project managing new builds, repairs, refit, valuations, technical and organizational audits, and consulting.

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