Golden Horizon

The team at ACP Surveyors carried out a valuation survey for the stunning S/V Golden Horizon, a cruise ship available for charter.

Valuation Survey of the world largest square rigged boat

The ‘Golden Horizon’ is the world’s largest square-rigged cruise ship. Her length is 162 meters and her beam is 18.5 meters. She has five masts with 36 cross sails for a total of 6,347 square meters in area. The tallest mast measures 63 meters in height and weighs 24 tons, while the longest cross measures 31 meters in length.

The sailing vessel can carry up to 2,000 tons. The ship has five decks and can accommodate 324 people in 150 luxury staterooms and 150 crew members.
It is luxuriously appointed but with an ambiance evocative of historic sailing ships. There is a library and several spacious lounges, one of which spans three decks.
The ship is outfitted with cutting-edge navigation and communication equipment. Each cabin offers internet, telephone, television, music, and other entertainment options. There are three bars and three pools on the open decks, one of which is designed for diving.

Last but not least, she is conceived to carry out ‘safe return to port’ and is compliant with the requirements of the US Coast Guard and US Public Health Service.

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