ACP Surveyors is honored to have conducted the pre-purchase survey of Arbema, an exquisite 50m Ortona Navi yacht, showcasing our unparalleled expertise in luxury yacht surveying.

Arbema Pre Purchase Survey

This extensive evaluation was meticulously carried out by our seasoned team, aimed at delivering an exhaustive insight into the vessel’s current state and performance capabilities. Our thorough investigation covered Arbema’s engineering systems, hull integrity, operational equipment, and luxurious amenities, ensuring every facet was scrutinized for excellence and reliability. Advanced technologies and methodologies were employed to assess the yacht’s sophisticated navigation systems, safety protocols, and overall craftsmanship. Our detailed report provided the prospective buyer with a transparent and informed overview of the yacht’s condition, highlighting any areas requiring maintenance or upgrade, thereby facilitating a well-informed purchasing decision. The successful survey of Arbema reaffirms ACP Surveyors’ commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and precision in the yacht surveying industry, ensuring our clients’ investments are both secure and rewarding.

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