When it comes to yachting, if you are looking for someone to protect your assets, you have come to the right place

Andrea Carlevaris

Founder & Senior Surveyor

Anna Rossi

Company Development Advisor

Davide Lucignano

Technical Manager & Senior Surveyor

Francesca Nenci

Administration Manager & Project Management Advisor

Simone Curti

Senior Surveyor & Project Manager

Gaia Pagni Da Granaiola

Project Manager & Surveyor

Chiara Luoni

Surveyor, Project Manager & Specialist Thermographer

Lorenzo Palla

Project Manager & Surveyor

What we do

As a completely independent company, ACP SURVEYORS provides an extensive range of consulting and surveying services in the superyacht industry. Our services are undertaken by an experienced and professionally qualified team.

How we do it

Since its inception, ACP SURVEYORS has consistently invested into training every member of its staff to achieve and maintain the highest level of competence. We also maintain memberships in national and international professional organizations.

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