Sydney Yacht Surveyors

ACP Surveyors is thrilled to extend our world-class yacht surveying services to the stunning shores of Sydney. This city, famed for its iconic harbour, is a prominent player in the international yachting scene. Our skilled team of surveyors, armed with cutting-edge technology and a profound understanding of both local and global maritime regulations, conducts exhaustive inspections on a broad array of yachts, from the most opulent super yachts to more personal pleasure vessels. We work tirelessly to ensure your yacht’s safety, adherence to standards, and optimal operational efficiency. By partnering with ACP Surveyors, yacht owners in Sydney can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their valuable asset is in safe hands, while contributing to Sydney’s prestigious standing in the world of yachting.

Marine Surveyors Sydney

Our team of marine surveyors in Sydney offers a wide variety of technical yacht services, all provided by our in-house expert team.


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