Genoa Yacht Surveyors

Genoa is one of the most important cities in the yachting world, with some leading refit yards, large marinas ideal to serve as winter homes and close proximity to the main cruising hubs. The city of Genoa has a strong maritime history, dating back hundreds of years to the 11th century and the creation of the Genovese Navy. Christopher Columbus was even born in the city. Today the city offers some of the world’s finest refit yards, Amico & Co and some of the finest marinas, such as the Waterfront Marina, offering top-level services. Our surveyors have a wealth of experience working in the city with a wide network of partners, ideal to service the world’s finest yachts. Having conducted-purchase surveys, new builds and refit project management in Genoa, our surveyors are among the most qualified to accompany any vessel.

Marine Surveyors Genoa

Our team of marine surveyors in Genoa offers a wide variety of technical yacht services, all provided by our in-house expert team.


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