Auckland Yacht Surveyors

At ACP Surveyors, we’re delighted to bring our exceptional yacht surveying services to the maritime paradise of Auckland. Known as the ‘City of Sails’, Auckland is a hub of maritime activity with its pristine waters, world-class marinas, and a rich sailing heritage. Our team of seasoned surveyors utilizes their extensive expertise, modern technologies, and an in-depth understanding of the local and international maritime regulations to conduct comprehensive inspections. We cater to a diverse range of yachts, from luxury super yachts to more intimate, private vessels. Our goal is to ensure the safety, regulatory compliance, and peak performance of every yacht we survey. Trust ACP Surveyors to reinforce the quality of Auckland’s renowned yachting experience, strengthening its reputation as a premier sailing destination.

Marine Surveyors Auckland

Our team of marine surveyors in Auckland offers a wide variety of technical yacht services, all provided by our in-house expert team.


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