Antalya Yacht Surveyors

A yacht survey in Antalya is a detailed examination of the ship to ascertain its current market value and condition. The surveyor will start by taking a good look at the yacht to see if there are any visible problems or signs of wear and tear. This involves looking for any damage to the ship’s hull, decks, and superstructure. The systems and equipment on the boat will also be inspected by our surveyor to verify they are in good working order. This includes the engines, electrical systems, and navigational tools. The surveyor doesn’t just look at the yacht; they utilize specific instruments and technology to determine how good or bad it is. In this category are instruments like moisture meters and ultrasonic thickness gauges, which can reveal otherwise undetectable flaws. A written report outlining the yacht’s condition and the surveyor’s suggested improvements will be provided once the survey is finished. The yacht owner can use this report to make educated decisions concerning the yacht and to negotiate a fair price for the yacht if it is being purchased or sold. Having a yacht surveyed in Antalya is crucial for maintaining the ship’s safety and reliability. When a yacht owner employs the services of a marine surveyor, they gain insight into their vessel’s state and are better able to make decisions on upkeep and repairs.

Marine Surveyors Antalya

Our team of marine surveyors in Antalya offers a wide variety of technical yacht services, all provided by our in-house expert team.


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