Greece Yacht Surveyors

ACP Surveyors have established an unparalleled reputation for their meticulous and reliable yacht surveys set against the picturesque backdrop of Greece’s shoreline. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge rooted in years of experience, they thoroughly assess the structural integrity, safety, and inherent worth of vessels against the mesmerizing scenery of Greece’s renowned harbors and pristine coastal views. From the historic docks of Athens, filled with ancient tales, to the bustling marinas of Thessaloniki, the serene coves of the Cyclades, and the sunlit moorings of Crete, ACP Surveyors ensure that every yacht they review, whether for acquisition, insurance, or detailed refit, epitomizes seaworthiness and elegance. Their dedication not only resonates with the storied maritime legacy of Greece but also embodies the contemporary heartbeat of the country’s flourishing yachting scene. Choose ACP for a distinct and unmatched Greek yachting experience.


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